Aimicia heating glass

The heated glazing:
perfect combination of comfort and functionality.

Heated Glass: comfort for everyone.

Easy to install for renovation and / or new construction projects, the heated glazing is a glazing composed of tempered, laminated glass assembled with tempered glass with a metal oxide layer, applied by sputtering. The glazing heats up over its entire surface and production will be done without interrupting the coating in order to optimize the aesthetic appearance of the glazing. The heated glazing can then be used in simple laminate (for interior applications) or can be assembled in double or triple glazing.

10 Reasons to choose our heated glazing:

Adaptable heating temperature
Security according to your criteria
Personalization of your glazing (ideal for shops)
No more condensation
√ Environmentally friendly through the use of renewable energy
 Easy installation
√ No maintenance apart from washing the windows
√ Healthy heating by the absence of dust convection (ideal for people with asthma and / or allergies)
 Energy saving thanks to high-performance glazing
√ High-performance thermal insulation



For winter and summer, our glazing offer remarkable technical performance so that you can enjoy your verandas / winter gardens at all times in the best conditions


AIMICIA heated glazing adapts to all types of frames (aluminum, wood, PVC, steel) and also to all types of windows (fixed, doors, sliding, accordions, tilt and turn, etc.).

AIMICIA also offers intelligent solutions for glass walls and heated terraces in the Horeca sector. Space saving, comfort and anti-condensation are highly appreciated advantages in restaurants and hotels with gardens.


The application of AIMICIA heated glazing completely excludes the problems of cold walls and condensation on the glazing. Avoiding the feeling of cold when leaving the pool and saving energy related to the dehumidification of the room. With AIMICIA heated glazing, the relative humidity (RH) remains the same throughout the year. This lowers the temperature in the room without losing comfort and saving energy.

Focus on our glazing:

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