The Aimicia glass radiator

ThermoUp glass radiator
healthy, ecological, economical and design.

ThermoUp: the glass radiator that adapts to all environments.

These stylish and elegant radiators with a minimalist design are the ideal solution for the daily heating of your home, office, business and your Horeca spaces. Thanks to the variety of types of glass such as transparencies, colored, printed or design, there is almost no limit for these radiators to fit perfectly into each room without taking up visible space. Made of heat-sealed glass, the radiators create a soft, pleasant and very ecological atmosphere thanks to their long-wave radiation.

3 Reasons to choose our glass radiators:

 High-end design
 Easy to install and maintain
 Healthy long wave heat

ThermoUp SOL

This elegant and stylish radiator with anti-tilt construction is the ideal solution for everyday household use. In addition, the device can be fitted with LED-illuminated glasses in white color or the whole range of RGB colors.

WALL ThermoUp

With its minimalist design, this space-saving radiator is the best solution for everyday heating. The glass radiator is efficient for domestic installations, but also in commercial areas such as restaurants, bars, nurseries, offices, etc.


Thanks to its intelligent design, this heating device takes up no visible space in the room. It fits perfectly in the heating zone thanks to the installation possibilities with supports or chains. Very efficient for heating a balcony, a terrace, an office or spacious and tall rooms.

Focus on our radiators:

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